Stardew Valley Spring Crops

This post is an add-on to my crop guide I posted a while back. With so much stuff in this game, it’ll be hard to organize everything crop related on one page. Below, you will find a list of the many  crops you can grow. Stardew Valley spring crops are among the first plants you will have access to, and if you play your cards right, you’ll have plenty of crops and money saved up for the next season! Trust me, you’re going to want to have cash for summer.

Before we start…

For the sake of this post, I’ll assume that you’ve read about the few pointers I made on growing crops in general. If not, I’d highly recommend taking a look at my guide, as there will be a few things you may miss.

… Now for the nitty gritty: The Crops!

Below is a table of every crop you will find in Spring, with all the details on how much they cost, and how much money you’ll make per day. If you continue to read, I’ll give you some info on what I think are the best crops to grow!

Crop Cost Time to Grow (days) Max Harvests per Season Sell Price Daily Profit Profit per Season
Blue Jazz 30 7 3 50 2.86 80
Cauliflower 80 12 2 175 7.92 221.76
Coffee Bean 2500 10 9 15(x4) 6 (only if seed was not purchased) 168
Garlic 40 4 6 60 5 140
Green Bean 60 10 6 40 7.2 201.6
Kale 70 6 4 110 6.67 186.76
Parsnip 20 4 6 35 3.75 105
Potato 50 6 4 80 5 140
Rhubarb 100 13 2 220 9.23 258.44
Strawberry 100 8 4 120 20.83 583.24
Tulip 20 6 4 30 1.67 46.76

The Best Crop for Year 1?

I’d say that the Cauliflower is your best bet when first starting out. While they may take forever to grow, they easily pay for themselves and many more if you have a lot of them growing. Potatoes are the next best thing, as they have a chance to drop extra potatoes if you are lucky.

The Best Spring Crop Ever!

If you are looking for maximum money making, then Strawberries are the best thing grow on the first day of Spring. Sure, you can buy a bunch and grow them on the day of the Egg Festival, but you’ll lose out of some major profits unless you wait until the next year.

As you can see from the chart above, Strawberries give you about 583G per season, per crop! If you’ve got a pile of these little red beauties growing, you’re going to be sitting on a lot of money by the end of the spring.

What is the Worst Spring Crop to grow?

It goes without saying that Tulips are probably the worst spring crop to grow. They cost 20G just to purchase and they only sell for 30G. You are only going to get a 10G profit from selling these, but then again, these are not intended for selling. Those are best left for bee houses.

Another contender for worst crap might be the Coffee Bean, but that might depend on where you got the bean. It costs 2500G to buy in stores, but if you’re lucky like me, you might find it as a loot drop from a monster in the mines.

What about the other crops?

While the less profitable ones may not give you much, keep in mind that some of these crops are used for crafting and for cooking, so you do have a reason to grow them too. Some of these crops are also used in the Community Center bundles, so make sure to store them in a chest for safekeeping.

Anyways, that’s about all I have for the time being. Feel free to leave some feedback if you enjoyed the guide; I always appreciate any comments. I hope that this information helps you while growing crops in the spring. Feel free to browse the site for more guides on Stardew Valley! You can also read my review for more information!

Happy farming!

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