About Me

Welcome to Videogame Guy!

The name is Ken, and I’m just another gaming enthusiast on the internet.

This website is all about gaming in general. I’ve been gaming since the good old days of the NES, and have watched as the gaming industry grew from its humble beginnings into the massive multi-billion dollar powerhouse that it is today.

I made this site so that I can share my thoughts on some of the awesome games I’ve come to love over the years, and to help others find favorites to play. From classic games to modern ones, I cover a broad range of things.

In addition to games, I may post some product reviews, guides and walkthroughs, and will post my thoughts on any news pertaining to the gaming industry.

Feel free to check back on the site every so often. I will be trying to update it with as much content as I can write. If you ever wish to leave any feedback or suggestions, simply leave a comment in a post.

Until next time, have fun, and happy gaming!

~ Ken, the Videogame Guy