Category: Game Mods

Mods (aka “modifications”) are special alterations made to a video game’s assets, code, and content. Whether it is redesigning the graphics of a game, adding new gameplay mechanics, or bug fixes, game mods can literally breathe life into an old game. This is oftentimes why a few 10+ year old games are still relevant these days. Many mods are free to use in many games, and are typically made by fans, game developers, and other aspiring gamers. Some games have entire modding communities built around them.

These days, game mods are starting to feel as though you are installing DLC or an expansion set; the quality of some mods reaching almost AAA game studio levels. But with so many mods out there, it is hard to find the ones that truly add to your game.

This category is all about my thoughts on popular game mods, reviews on the best ones, and where you can find them.