Stardew Valley: Summer

Stardew Valley Summer Crops

Stardew Valley summer crops are among the most interesting crops that you’ll find in the game. You have full access to great big moneymaking ones like blueberries, giant crops such as melons, and hops that you can use to make ale, which is one of the most profitable items you can make.
Following the same general idea as my spring crop guide, you will find a nice table of every single crop you can grow, how much they cost, how long they take to grow, and what sort of profit you can expect to make.

Table of Summer Crops

Here’s a nice clean list of every single summer crop that you can grow in the game. Keep in mind that not all of these are initially available. Some are found in Year 2, while others are found

Crop Cost Time to Grow (days) Max Harvests per Season Sell Price Daily Profit Profit per Season
Blueberry 80 13 4 50(x3) 20.8 582.4
Coffee Bean 2500 10 9 15(x4) 6 (only if seed was not purchased) 168
Corn 150 14 4 50 1.92 53.76
Hops 60 11 17 25 13.52 378.56
Hot Pepper 40 5 8 40 10.77 301.56
Melon 80 12 2 250 14.17 396.76
Poppy 100 7 3 140 5.71 159.88
Radish 40 6 4 90 8.33 233.24
Red Cabbage 100 9 3 260 17.78 497.84
Starfruit 400 13 2 750 26.92 753.76
Summer Spangle 50 8 3 90 5 140
Sunflower 200 8 3 80 -15 -420
Tomato 50 11 5 60 9.26 259.28
Wheat 10 4 6 25 3.75 105

The Best Crop for Year 1? Blueberries!

This is starting to become a recurring trend with berry crops, it seems… Coincidence? Only ConcernedApe knows the truth! Anyways, as you can see from the table above, Blueberry profits are almost on par with Strawberries in terms of the amount of profit per season. You’re definitely going to want to grow as many of these as you possibly can in your first year.

The Best Crop Overall

Now I know I said that berries are the best thing to grow, but moving forward in the game, there is another crop that gives you even more money in the long run. That crop is Starfruit. As you can see from the table above, one single crop gives you more than 750 gold per season and this profit can be further increased when you convert those crops into Artisan Goods such as jelly or wine.

The problem with this crop is that it is very expensive, and cannot be found at the start of the game, unless you are very lucky enough to discover a seed or two.

The Worst Crops

This one is dead easy. If you are looking at the worst crop in terms of profit, the trophy goes to the Sunflower. It gives no bonuses for bee houses, which doesn’t make sense, plus it is also a really expensive crop to buy in the beginning. The only saving grace with the Sunflower is that harvesting one will not only give you one sunflower but has the potential to drop some sunflower seeds, so that you can continue to grow them without having to buy more.

One of the other crops that surprised me in terms of profit was Corn. Despite having its description labeling it as one of the most popular grains, corn does not give you very much money back. While it can be harvested throughout summer and fall, the amount of money you get does not compare to that of blueberries. It is required to complete the community center however, so you should not ignore it.

What about Hops?

I know I said that blueberries are the biggest moneymaking crop out there, but it is actually the Hops that are technically the most “profitable” crop. You see, Hops give you crops every day once they mature, so you can easily rack up a pile of them. Each of those single hops can be put into a keg to make Pale Ale. One single Ale is worth 300G a pop, which is much better than any other summer crop out there. That being said, if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, I’d recommend investing in making a small brewery with Hops.

A Few last points to consider

Just as with Spring, you’ll do best to grow a variety of crops whenever possible, as many of the crops can still be used to help rebuild the Community Centre. Many crops grown in the Summer make for great gifts as well. Lewis and Shane both love Hot Peppers, and Penny loves Melons. Hops and Coffee Beans, when made into their specific drinks, makes an excellent gift for Pam and Harvey, respectively. Even the lowly Sunflower is loved by Haley.

All in all, as long as you tend a farm with a wide variety of crops, you’ll have plenty saved up for when you need them!

Anyways, that’s about all I have for the time being. Feel free to leave a comment if you enjoyed the guide; I always appreciate any feedback. I hope that this information helps you in your summer farming endeavors. Feel free to browse the site for more guides on Stardew Valley! You can also read my review for more information!

Happy farming!

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