Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headset – Review

This headset is very comfortable, and has got a nice crisp sound for gaming. It has a conveniently placed volume dial, and also has some pretty handy buttons that can be programmed for any of your games too.

“Powered by Dolby Headphone, G35 delivers immersive 7.1 channel sound and a winning mix of play-all-night comfort and power-at-your-fingertips customization.”

~ Logitech

At a Glance…

Overall Score: 85 out of 100
Where to Buy: Amazon
Owners: Logitech
Website: www.logitech.com

My experience with the Logitech G35

The Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headset is among the first gaming headsets that I have ever purchased, and I must say these are quite a good-looking pair of headphones! Solid black, with a little red lining inside the ear cups, they go well with my red-and-black gaming PC. Looks aside, they’ve certainly proved to be a reliable headset for the past 4 years that I’ve owned them.

Look and Feel

The headset comes with 3 detachable headbands, all in various sizes, to help you wear the headset in comfort. They are wrapped in a synthetic leather cloth which has a nice feel to it. Each ear cup can rotate slightly (about 15°, perhaps?) on the joint, and can extend about 1.5″ from the headband, so it can fit most heads. The ear cups fit nicely around both ears, and are lightly padded for comfort. For me, having a comfortable headset is key for any long gaming sessions.

Sound Quality

The first time I used this headset, I played Borderlands 2, and I could definitely hear a big difference compared to my old headphones. It felt very satisfying to hear those loud gunshots and boomy explosions (Torgue FTW :D)! The best thing I like about this headset is the way it fits around your ears. I find that it does a good job of blocking out most background noise, which makes it great if you are living in a household of several people. You wouldn’t want to be listening to your roommates in the next room! Plus, with a gaming headset, you won’t keep your folks awake with any late-night gaming sessions. Win-win!

On the rear side of the left ear cup is a switch that toggles between stereo sound and Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound. Once you install the driver for the headset (see last paragraph), you’ll really begin to hear the power of surround sound!

Programmable Buttons

One of the cool things it has are the 3 programmable buttons integrated into the headset, as seen below:

Close up of G35 earpieces and USB connector

Another handy feature is the volume dial (see above image). This dial adjusts the system volume with a quick flick of the finger. As I use Windows, I find this very convenient compared to alt-tabbing out of a game and clicking on that pesky speaker icon! In my opinion, I think having a volume dial is one of the big selling points for me, simply due to the convenience.

When I bought the Logitech G35 Headset at a retail store, it came with an installation CD. This optional driver installs Logitech Gaming Software, a special program which allows you to customize many of the sound-related settings for your headset. This includes programming the 3 buttons for each of your games, mapping them to any control you desire. The program keeps track of profiles for each of your games, so you’ll never have to worry about remapping your buttons whenever you switch games.

While the driver is not required for your G35 to work, I personally recommend the software driver, as it definitely gives you a little more bang for your buck. You can find the driver here.

G35 Gaming Headset with USB connection

The microphone is flexible, and also features noise-cancelling technology, which I find is always a plus when chatting with friends. The mic automatically mutes whenever you fold it up alongside the headset. There is a button next to the volume dial which also mutes the mic.

A few Concerns

My only two concerns with the gaming headset itself would be the cord, and the durability of the headset. According to some users, the joints that connect the ear cups and headband are made of plastic, and have had them break during use. I cannot say that this has happened to me in the 4 years I’ve had them, so I would humbly suggest taking good care of them.

As with all wired devices, they have a notorious habit of getting tangled with your other cords. The cord itself is very long (a whopping 10 feet!), but it does have a Velcro strap to shorten it to your liking. The cord is reinforced with a braided fabric, and connects to a USB port.

My Verdict


  • Excellent Sound Quality.
  • Conveniently placed buttons and volume dial.
  • Flexible noise-cancelling microphone.
  • Device drivers allow for a lot of customization.


  • Very long cable can get in the way.
  • Plastic parts may break if not carefully handled.

So, to sum things up, the price is a little high compared to others, but what you get is a gaming headset with a superb quality sound and a crisp, clean recording from the mic. Compared to other headsets on the market, there are better options, but if you’re the kind of person who takes great care of their gaming accessories, then this is an excellent choice for gaming!

Happy gaming,

~ Ken

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