Stardew Valley Fall Crops

Fall is a very important season in Stardew Valley. You have lots of work to do before winter, because this is the last time that you are going to be able to make a lot of money through farming, at least until you have access to a greenhouse. On the bright side, some of the most valuable crops will be found during this season. To help you squeeze the last few pumpkins from your patch, here is my guide to Stardew Valley fall crops for your perusal.

Table of Fall Crops

Here is a list of every crop you can grow during Fall. Just as with previous seasons,  some crops are found in multiple seasons, while others are found after the first year has passed. Most of the seeds can be found in the General Store, while there are a few that may be found at the Oasis, or from the Traveling Cart. Also, keep in mind that the numbers below are without any fertilizer used or any professions chosen.

Crop Cost Time to Grow (days) Max Harvests per Season Sell Price Daily Profit Profit per Season
Amaranth 70 7 3 150 11.43 342.9
Artichoke 30 8 3 150 16.25 487.5
Beet 20 6 4 100 13.33 399.9
Bok Choy 50 4 6 80 7.5 225
Corn 150 14 4 50 1.92 57.6
Cranberries 240 7 5 75 (x2) 18.89 566.7
Eggplant 20 5 5 60 11.2 336
Fairy Rose 200 12 2 290 7.5 225
Grape 60 10 3 80 16.8 504
Pumpkin 100 13 2 320 16.92 507.6
Sunflower 200 8 3 80 -15 -450
Sweet Gem Berry 1000 24 1 3000 83.33 2499.9
Wheat 10 4 6 25 3.75 112.5
Yam 60 10 2 160 10 300

The Best Crop for Profit

If you already have them, Sweet Gem Berries have the highest profit out of all the crops in Fall, the problem is they’re so rare that it just won’t be worth it until you have a Seed Maker. Personally, I find that Cranberries are the best, as they are readily available at the General Store; plus they grow faster than Blueberries and Strawberries.

The Worst Crop

As was mentioned in the summer guide, Sunflowers still reign supreme as the worst crop to turn a profit; with their seeds at 200g a pop, and each flower selling for 80g, you’re better off saving the seeds and just growing more. As far as flowers go, the Fairy Rose is on par with selling Bok Choy; you’d be better off saving those flowers for your Bee Houses. The truth is that there is another crop which doesn’t give you as much bang for your buck: Wheat. It’s one of the most widely grown crops in real life, and yet, you get a mere 15g profit at minimum! If you plan on growing this crop, its best to save it for last, when you have no more seeds, and plenty of energy. You can use Wheat for cooking and turning into artisan goods such as beer and flour, so it still has its uses..

The Final Word

Overall, there is quite a lot of variety of different things to grow. As usual, the berry crops are still the fastest way to make money. If you have been planning your farm well, you should be able to have enough energy and resources to manage a number of crops at once. As this is the last season to spend on strictly Farming, you will definitely want to invest lots of time doing this. If all goes well, you should have enough money to get you through the Winter.

Anyways, that’s about all I have for the time being. Feel free to leave a comment if you enjoyed the guide; I always appreciate any feedback. I hope that this information helps you in your fall farming endeavors. Feel free to browse the site for more guides on Stardew Valley! You can also read my review for more information!

Happy farming!

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