The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review

The Pro Controller is exactly they kind of quality controller I’ve come to expect from our dear old Nintendo. This controller was made for people who like to have a comfortable gaming session without straining their wrists. This controller fits in your hand so well it’s too bad it didn’t come packaged with the whole console. In this post, read on for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller review, and all you need to know about this awesome controller.

At a Glance

My Overall Score: 9 out of 10
Where to BuyAmazon
Manufacturer: Nintendo


  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent 40-hour battery life
  • Larger ABXY buttons make it easier to play
  • Comes with a USB-C cable for easy charging


  • It’s a $70 controller; much more expensive than the average controller
  • It’s not travel-friendly

It’s really interesting to see how game controllers have evolved ever since the old NES days. Every new generation,  controllers get more and more buttons, with the shape of the controller changing as well. But in trying to be unique, many companies try way too hard, often failing to recognize the most important aspect of any controller; ergonomics.

Microsoft really hit it out of the park when they made the Xbox 360 Controller. It was known for its legendary comfort, and pretty much set a high standard for many console makers to follow. It’s good to see that Nintendo has followed this idea pretty much to a ‘T’. Truth be told, if you put the two controllers side by side, you can see that they are very similar in size.

If you really want to get the most out of your gaming, you’ll definitely want to invest in a good quality controller. Here are a few things to know about the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

How is it different from the standard Joy-Con?

When you compare the Pro Controller with the waffle-shaped Joy-Con Controllers, there’s a clear reason why it’s called a “pro” controller. Now, both controllers have rumble feedback, motion controls, and a NFC reader for amiibos (the ready is on the logo for the pro controller). You won’t be missing any standard features. Apart from these features, thought, that is pretty much all of the similarities.


The Pro Controller is great if you like to play the Switch while it is docked to your TV, and let’s be honest: playing in TV mode should be comfy. You can use it wirelessly, or you can plug it in to a cable to charge while playing. This controller was designed for those who would like to play the game for longer periods of time, such as long sessions of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

You simply need to hold the controller to appreciate the feel of using this to play. As mentioned earlier, the shape, feel, and controller layout is very similar to that of the Xbox controller.

Button Layout

The Pro Controller face buttons are huge when compared to the standard Joy-Cons; those buttons were indeed very small, perhaps best made for kids. Not so much for adult gamers! The larger buttons are nice and responsive too. The control sticks look and feel very responsive, and are also offset just like the Xbox 360 controller. This is one thing that always surprised me about PlayStation controllers, in how they haven’t tried this layout with their controllers.

The traditional D-Pad is a godsend when compared to the standard Joy-Cons, but I won’t fault Nintendo for that. After all, the Joy-Cons were designed to be used as 2 separate controllers for when you want to play split screen with a friend.

The biggest takeaway here is that every button on the controller is within easy reach of your fingers; there’s no need to strain your digits to take a screenshot, pause the game, etc.

Battery Life

Here’s another major pro; the controller has a built in battery designed to hold up to 40 hours worth of a charge. Compared to the 7-8 hour life of the Xbox and PlayStation controllers, there’s no contest. If you’re the kind of gamer who likes to play with a wired controller, you may want to get a USB-C cable long enough to go from your couch to the TV. While the controller does come with one, it’s not 10ft long, which I find is perfect for controllers.

Custom made Controllers

This is not so much a reason to get the controller, but if you are the kind of gamer who likes to outfit your controllers with cases, skins, or replacement parts, it is safe to say that there are a lot of opportunities to do so. I’ve been searching around, and I’ve found some pretty cool controllers. I might do up a post on this later!

The Final Word / Verdict

To sum things up, the high price tag may be scary enough to turn one away, but there’s a reason why it’s called the Pro Controller. There’s no denying that you are getting a top quality product. It easily stacks up with the likes of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers, and you are definitely getting what you pay for. Based on over 1700 Amazon reviews, this controller is definitely great for gaming!

I hope you have enjoyed my review of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. If you have any questions, feedback, or requests, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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