Official Nintendo Switch Accessories

In this article, we discuss the Official Nintendo Switch Accessories, and whether or not they are worth buying. From the moment the Switch was released, there have been many kinds of accessories made to personalize your hybrid console.

For this post, our reviews are a little bit different from some of the other websites, in that they are based off of REAL customers’ experience and feedback. Which is to say, that they come from verified customers who have bought the product in question and who have provided feedback. A lot of the feedback is mostly from Amazon, because they have an excellent way for customers to provide feedback.

You can view each of these reviews in the links below.

From this data, we have created a top 3 list of Nintendo Switch Accessories. Some of these products may come with discounts and others may not be available any longer, but this list was compiled at the time the data was made available. Depending on the topic, I may update this post as I get more information.

Our Top 3 Recommendations at a glance

Our three recommendations are based on price, quality and overall customer feedback.

1) Tempered Glass Screen Protector

2) Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

3) Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

So Why Get the Official Accessories?

We’ll list some of the benefits of the official accessories below. Hopefully you can see what sets them apart from the unofficial ones, and use this information as a buying guide. All in all, there are a lot of official accessories that have been made to work with the switch, very similar to the Wii’s addons for the controllers. Nintendo has gone the extra mile to make many of their own peripherals for the console, which ensures that you get a top quality product.

There’s something for everyone

Whether you are exploring Hyrule, racing other players in Mario Cart, or playing the classic NES games on the Switch Online service, there’s an accessory for everyone out there. The Nintendo Switch is such a unique console, in which there are so many things out there that make the Switch fit with the way you like to play.

With that being said, keep in mind that they are just that: accessories. They don’t always enhance your gameplay, and there are some products out there that are not always needed.

They’re built by Nintendo; ’nuff said

Nintendo has had a long history of building consoles, games, and accessories that are built to last, and do exactly what they are meant to do. You need only look for the Official Nintendo Licensed Product Seal. This is a symbol that assures you that Nintendo has done the hard work of testing this product and ensuring that quality standards are met. If brand names are very important to you, then it is essential that you keep an eye out for this seal.

The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

1) Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Our Top Pick)

Okay, so this may not necessarily be an official product, but I feel that this is among the most essential accessories to get for the Switch. This is an absolute must have, due to the portable nature of the console. Chances are, if you’re like many others, you are going to take it on a trip somewhere. And just like our mobile phones, they are just as easily prone to getting cracks and scratches on the screen if we aren’t careful. I’ve used this screen protector without any issues, and it doesn’t bubble. It will also protect your screen from the Switch’s TV docking station, which has plastic edges that can scratch the display screen.

2) Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the Joy-Cons that came with the Switch. They are what make the entire console portable. They’re also just the right size for kids, due to the smaller buttons. But for those who like to get serious with their gaming, the small Joy-Cons just don’t cut it. The Pro Controller is designed for those who enjoy playing their games on the TV, but more importantly, it was made for hardcore gamers.

This controller boasts a 40 hour battery life, too, which is great if you like to play long sessions. This controller will make a MASSIVE difference in your game. The buttons are larger, the D-Pad is far better, and the controller feels very comfy to hold.

You can read my review here.

3) Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

The Nintendo Switch was made to be played not only at home, but also on the go. You may want to consider getting a carrying case to keep the Switch protected while travelling. The official Carrying Case from Nintendo also comes included with a screen protector,

This case is a slim, “soft-shell” case which is just the right size to fit your console and has a built in middle flap with game card slots. Overall, it’s perfect for keeping in a backpack or a laptop bag, due to its compact size. Keep in mind that this is not a hard case, and so you’ll still want to take care not to drop it!

4) Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers

The Joy-Cons are the traditional controllers that come packaged with every Switch console. Each Joy-Con has a full set of buttons and can act as a standalone controller, and each includes an accelerometer and gyro-sensor, making independent left and right motion control possible. Basically, this controller is the evolved form of the Wii remote controllers, except much smaller and far more portable.

There are many different kinds of colors that you can get, too, so they can really make your Switch stand out amongst the gloomy grey colors. More importantly, these allow for multiplayer!

5) MicroSD Card

One concern with the Switch is its limited storage space of 32GB. The good new is that we can expand this storage with a microSD card, via the slot built into the console. If you get one with 128GB or more, it should be able to last for a few years. You can still buy games on cartridges of course, but there are some games on the eShop that still need a download, and some games have DLC which must be downloaded too. You simply insert the card, and the Switch will handle the rest. Do make sure that it’s marked as Class 10, and at least XC 1. The official microSD cards are a little pricey, so you may be able to find some other brand names that may be cheaper.

6) Poké Ball Plus

This is more or less a Joy-Con made specifically for playing Pokémon: Let’s GO.It can also be used to play Pokémon GO by acting as a Bluetooth device that syncs to your phone. As a controller, it has motion controls, lights up, and plays sounds depending on what you are doing in-game.

Personally, I found this to be a very niche item; it’s not necessary for making your game better, but it definitely is a lot more fun to throw the ball. Kids may have a lot of fun with this, but otherwise, I would not recommend this unless you play both the Switch and mobile games.

7) Adjustable Charging Stand

One thing that has been a pain in the side of Switch owners is the flimsy kickstand that comes attached.

To solve this problem, Nintendo offers a charging stand which not only lets you play in tabletop mode, but also allows your Switch to charge while playing. The stand can also be angled to suit your preference.

8) AC Adapter

To be honest, this is the same thing that comes with the Switch console. But then again, some things break. If you are the kind of person who likes to keep a backup of charging cords, then this may be of interest to you.

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