Nintendo Switch is still sold out

After a few months of contemplating and admiring the many videos of the new Zelda game, I finally decided to give in and head to my local Best Buy to buy a Nintendo Switch … only to find out that there were none left.

I decided to head over to the other big retailers around my town; Walmart, Amazon, EB Games, even Toys R Us. All of which had the sames response; none in stock.

Sadly, it seems the Nintendo Switch is still sold out everywhere.

Naturally, I took to the Internet in the hopes of finding one online. I was delighted to see them available, but ultimately got disappointed in what I saw:

People were selling the console for hundreds of dollars higher than the standard retail price.

It makes me sad to know that we still have folks willing to cash in others’ desire. The ugly truth is we are always going to have people like them around, so the least we can do is to ignore those folks, and buy from a trusted and reputable source.

I looked around for more info, and I also came across some interesting things around the world.

Take a look at the below image. Care to guess what it is?

credit: pachi_pansya

That is a massive lineup of people in Tokyo, over 3000 long, all in the hopes of buying a Switch…. The store only had 250 Switch units in stock.

It’s a nice orderly line, though. At first, I thought this was a line to buy the console, but then I learned that this is a lineup to buy a raffle ticket. For the chance to buy one!

It made me realize that if demand is so high that Nintendo cannot keep the demand in Japan, what chance would I have in a small Canadian city?

I want to feel frustrated in trying to get one, but luckily, I’m not that sort of guy; If I can’t play a game, I play something else, simple as that.

This is not Nintendo’s first rodeo; when the Wii was released some years back, it was a major success, with about 100 million units sold. The demand was so high that South Park even made a hilarious episode about its popularity.

As much as I wanted to play it, I can afford to wait… why?

I have other consoles.

While you wait for the Switch to come back in stock, I propose that you try this out; enjoy the games you have. As tempting as it is to go out and buy the next best thing, we need to remember that we still have loads of awesome games out there to play.

Nintendo will eventually catch up with the demand. Once that day comes, I suggest making the Switch.

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