The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories Bundle

In this post, I will be covering the best Nintendo Switch accessories bundle that you can find out there, along with a few of some honorable mentions. This post is a part of my Nintendo Switch Accessories Buying Guide, where my goal is to help you get some information on the many products out there, some of the top picks, and some things to consider when shopping around for ideas.

Accessory bundles are a must have for anyone who recently got a Nintendo Switch, and are looking for a quick and easy way to get the most out of their Nintendo Switch. Accessory bundles are an all-in-one solution, providing you with everything from protective carrying cases, controller grips, screen protectors, and the like.

Keep in mind that they are a little more expensive, but you do get a much better value as opposed to buying the individual accessories.

There are quite a number of bundles out there, ranging from small ones with a  few accessories to larger ones. You typically pay more for larger bundles, but you also save a bit more as a result of buying in bulk. If you are looking for specific accessories, you may want to compare bundles to ensure that you get what you want.

Below are some of the best bundles I could find, as of writing. As I mentioned in a past post, it is important to consider the practical use of any product, along with their price, brand name, and the average customer rating.

The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories at a Glance

Orzly Ultimate Geek Pack for Nintendo Switch

Brand: Orzly
Review Price: $54.99
Average Customer Rating: 4.7 stars, out of 14700+ ratings

This pack comes with pretty much everything you need to get started with enjoying your Switch, and makes for a great gift idea for new Switch owners. The only real downside to this pack is that it was not designed for the Switch OLED model.

Orzly Essentials Pack for Nintendo Switch

Brand: Orzly
Review Price: $49.99
Average Customer Rating: 4.7 stars, out of 12700+ ratings

If the idea of having too many accessories is a bit much, this runner up is an okay balance between good quality accessories at a slightly lower price. It comes with a carrying case, screen protectors, and a comfort grip that makes playing in handheld mode a little less likely to cramp your hands for long play sessions.

HEYSTOP Switch Accessories Bundle (12 in 1)

Review Price: $42.99
Average Customer Rating: 4.6 stars, out of 2400+ ratings

Also compatible with the OLED model, this accessory pack comes with many of the things that come with the Orzly Ultimate Pack, except for a charging station, headphones, and a stylus. This bundle includes a large carrying case that can hold 18 game cartridges.

HEYSTOP Switch OLED Accessory Pack

Review Price: $29.99
Average Customer Rating: 4.6 stars, out of  229+ ratings

This accessory pack is a little less costly compared to the others on this list. That being said, it does have a lot less to offer in terms of accessories. What it lacks in bells and whistles, it makes up with a large game cartridge capacity. This pack is also compatible with the OLED model of the Switch. There is no screen protector, so you may want to consider getting one.

Orzly Ultimate Party Pack

Brand: Orzly
Review Price: $49.99
Average Customer Rating: 4.6 stars, out of 600+ ratings

This accessory bundle is a little different than the others. Instead of a pack that comes with a number of accessories to suit everyday use for the Switch, this bundle has 4 sets of 4 different Joy-Con attachments to make playing with friends a little more fun.

Nintendo Switch Lite Accessory Kit (4 in 1)

Review Price: $16.99
Average Customer Rating: 4.8 stars, out of 1300+ ratings

For those who use the Nintendo Switch Lite, this is a great little bundle. Keeping things as simple as they come, this accessory kit comes with a travel case, screen protector, thumb grips, and a protective case that fits around your Switch to give it more protection. It even comes in a variety of colors to match your console!

Orzly Ultimate Geek Pack for Nintendo Switch OLED

Brand: Orzly
Review Price: $59.99
Average Customer Rating: 5 stars, out of 2 ratings

A new release by Orzly, this is the same accessory bundle as the one at the top of the list, except that this bundle was specially designed for the OLED Switch. That being said, this kit is NOT for those who use the standard model or the Switch Lite

Anyways, this is just about all I have for today. I hope this post helps you out, and if you have any questions or thoughts to share, feel free to leave a comment down below. Until next time, happy gaming!

~ Ken

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