Some of the Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors

For today, I will be covering some of the best Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors out there, where you can find them, and why it is worth getting one to protect your console.

In my mind, the Switch is essentially a tablet. Whenever it is not docked, we take it with us everywhere we go, just like our phones. And just like our trusty screens and electronics, they too are at risk of scratches, scuffs, scrapes, and drops if you are careless. The worst case scenario is a cracked screen that renders your Switch completely unplayable.

It is for these reasons that screen protectors are, in my opinion, an absolute essential accessory to have for your Switch. As powerful as these consoles are, the screen is just as fragile as that of a smartphone or tablet, and so they should be protected all the same. If you plan on using your console in handheld mode on a regular basis, this will be a very good idea. This is even more important if you use the Switch Lite, which is exclusively a portable console. 

This post is a part of my Nintendo Switch Accessories Buying Guide, where my goal is to help you get some information on the many products out there, some of the top picks, and some things to consider when shopping around for ideas. In this buying guide, I will be going over some of the best screen protectors I could find, as of writing. Since we now have 3 different Switch models, I’ve separated my top picks down below.

My Top Picks for the Standard Switch Model

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Brand: amFilm
Review Price: $7.99
Average Customer Rating: 4.8 stars, out of 96000+ ratings

This is an absolute must have, due to the portable nature of the console. I’ve personally used this screen protector ever since 2017, and I’ve never had any issues, and it didn’t bubble when I applied it to the screen. It will also protect your screen from the Switch’s TV docking station, which has plastic edges that can scratch the display screen.

Screen Protector 3 Pack, by iVoler

Brand: iVoler
Review Price: $7.95
Average Customer Rating: 4.8 stars, out of 25000+ ratings

If you feel that you might need more than one screen protector, this may come in handy. The price difference between this one and the previous one I mentioned is very small.

The Best Choice for OLED Switch

The newest version of the Switch has a screen which is made of glass. That being said, you may still want to consider getting a screen protector. The OLED Switch’s screen is integrated into the console itself, which would still make it an expensive repair if it were to get scratched or cracked.

The OLED Switch has a 7” screen, much larger than the original, so there’s no surprise that there are screen protectors specially designed to work on the OLED Switch. Even though the OLED model has a glass screen, it still doesn’t hurt to provide additional protection with a screen protector.

Just a heads-up when installing; Nintendo already has a special factory-installed protector that is installed over the glass screen. This should NOT be removed, as it helps ensure that in case of damage, glass shards don’t go flying. You are safe to install a screen protector right over what is already installed on the Switch.

iVoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector (4 Pack)

Brand: iVoler
Review Price: $15
Average Customer Rating: 4.5 stars, out of 2500+ ratings

This is a 4-pack set of screen protectors, ideal for those who either have multiple Switch consoles, or prefer to have backups in case one gets damaged. This pack even comes with an alignment tray which helps ensure that the screen is perfectly fitted to your Switch. The screen protector is made of 0.3mm tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating, and even has an oleophobic coating on the screen, making it repel any oil smudges or stains. Overall, this product checks all of the boxes for what I’m looking for in a screen protector.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3 Pack)

Brand: amFilm
Review Price: $15
Average Customer Rating: 4.5 stars, out of 2100+ ratings

Another great screen protector from amFilm. Just like the one I mentioned above, this one also has all of the same features: 9H hardness, 0.3mm thickness, and oleophobic coating. The only difference is that this one is a 3-pack instead of a 4-pack. The last time I checked, the prices were the same for each, so you may want to check both in case there’s a sale.

Orzly Screen Protector Bundle

Brand: Orzly
Review Price: $15
Average Customer Rating: 4.5 stars, out of 900+ ratings

Orzly has continued to churn out accessories for the Switch, and screen protectors are no different. Boasting “invisible” protection for your OLED Switch, this product also features all of the same things from the above products, at the same cost, as of writing. The only way you could get a better deal is if you got the screen protectors as part of an accessory bundle.

The Best Choice for Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite has a plastic screen, just like the standard model. Sure, that makes it a little cheaper than using tempered glass, but as a result, this leaves the screen very much at risk of scratches. Much like our smartphones, the last thing anyone wants is a nasty scrape across the screen, which is why it is always recommended to get a screen protector.

Unsurprisingly, the Switch Lite has its own lineup of screen protectors; after all, it has a smaller screen than the other Switch models, so it makes sense that screen protectors made for them do not work on the Switch Lite. Since the Switch Lite is essentially a handheld console, keeping it protected while on the go is absolutely essential, and a screen protector will certainly help.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector (4 Pack)

Brand: iVoler
Review Price: $11
Average Customer Rating: 4.7 stars, out of 11000+ ratings

Once again, iVoler has made a 4-pack of screen protectors, this time for the Switch Lite. The screen protectors are made of ultra thin 0.3mm tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating. This product doesn’t seem to advertise an oleophobic coating on the screen, which would make it easier to repel any oil smudges or stains. It also doesn’t feature the alignment tray that comes with the OLED pack, so you’ll have to be careful when installing.

Switch Lite Screen Protector (4 Pack)

Brand: Orzly
Review Price: $11
Average Customer Rating: 4.7 stars, out of 4200+ ratings

As usual, Orzly has made a pack of screen protectors for use with the Switch Lite. Featuring 9H hardness and oleophobic coating, they pretty much check all of the boxes for what you are looking for in a screen protector.

Is it worth getting a screen protector?


The original Switch’s screen is actually made of plastic, which makes it more susceptible to scratches and scuffs. If you want to ensure that the screen remains in good condition, picking up a screen protector is a very good investment. You can even get a tempered glass protector to give your Switch screen a nice look.

Other Things to Consider

As with anything in my buying guides, you’ll want to look at the following points that should factor into your decision to get a screen protector.

Glass or Plastic Protection?

Most screen protectors made today are usually made of either tempered glass or hard plastic. Personally, I recommend tempered glass, because it is far more protective. Companies that make screen protectors follow a standard known as Mohs Hardness Scale, which is used to determine how resistant something is to scratches and damage. The scale ranges from 1H to 10H. Tempered glass screens are usually in the range of 9H, which puts them almost as hard as diamond, but not quite.


Perhaps the most important thing to consider is the cost to buy anything online. Screen protectors only do one job, so there’s usually no need for bells and whistles. The material and the thickness of the screen protector usually factors into the cost, with tempered glass usually being more expensive.


Another thing to consider when buying accessories is the Brand Name of the seller. Apart from any official Nintendo screen protector, Orzly and Hori are some of the more common brand names that make good accessories for the Switch.


Since there are now 3 different Switch models, it is very important that you check the product description to ensure that the screen protector works for your Switch. As I mentioned earlier, screen protectors are designed to do just one job, and for it to do the job right, it needs to be properly secured to the screen.

Customer Feedback

Most of the time you shop on Amazon, you can almost always expect shoppers to leave some feedback on a given product. The reviews are always displayed on the product page, and looking at these reviews is a good way of finding out if the particular accessory you are looking to buy is good or bad. I always like to go with products with a lot of reviews or ratings, because these are often left by verified buyers who can vouch for the quality of a given product.

The Bottom Line

Any kind of screen protector is better than no protection at all. While some screen protectors may cost more or less, depending on materials, all of them serve the same purpose of protecting your Switch’s screen. 

It’s not the most exciting accessory, but it can be a small price to pay to save your Switch from more expensive repairs down the road. It’s kind of like buying insurance, except instead of a monthly premium, you have a one time upfront cost; and if all goes well, the only extra costs you should be racking up are replacement screen protectors.

At the end of the day, what you get is the peace of mind of knowing that your Switch has that additional protection that will keep it safe as you travel and play with it. If you wish to further protect it, you can get protective cases and travel bags as well. If you take good care of your Switch, it will last you a long time!

Anyways, this is just about all I have for today. I hope this post helps you out, and if you have any questions or thoughts to share, feel free to leave a comment down below. Until next time, happy gaming!

~ Ken

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