Pokemon Go Plus Plus Review – A Better Autocatcher?

Finally, an official autocatcher! My Pokemon Go Plus Plus review will cover the good and bad about this device, and whether it is worth your time.

Let’s Go!

At a Glance

This device allows you to automatically catch Pokemon and spin PokeStops. It also tracks your sleep patterns for use in Pokemon Sleep. Overall, it’s a great accessory that provides hands-free mobile gaming for when you are on the go or need a break from staring at your phone.

Niantic finally got it right!

When Pokemon Go first came out in 2016, it was a huge hit. This game singlehandedly got many gamers out of the house and into exploring their local commmunity. I met many passionate Pokemon fans that I would otherwise never had the chance of meeting.

This is the big hook about Niantic’s augmented reality games. These games were specifically designed to get players outside and exploring the many places of interest, whether it be a local park or a historical monument. Catching Pokemon almost feels like a bonus at times.

The big problem with this hook is that you just end up staring at your phone, spinning PokéStops and being completely oblivious to the real world around you… Many folks have ended up wandering into traffic or stumbling into private property because of this game.

Unsurprisingly, to make it a little more easier to play the game and appreciate yous surroundings, Nintendo and Niantic released the Pokémon Go Plus, a handy device that lets you collect Pokemon and items at the press of the button.

If you have been following this blog, then you may have already read about some of my thoughts on this accessory. along with many others that were made for Pokemon Go.

My biggest takeaway for many of these “catcher” accessories, is that they make playing Pokemon Go more convenient. You don’t require them to play the game, and to be frank, they don’t add anything groundbreaking. The most they will do is save you the trouble of chucking balls and missing all the time, and the least they will do is gradually replenish your items as you move about.

But the one thing that set the other devices apart from the official Pokemon Go Plus is the fact that they are autocatchers; instead of having to press a button to actively catch or collect, they automatically do it for you! These kinds of devices have been around for many years, and now we have the Pokemon Go Plus Plus (or just the PoGo Plus+) that does exactly that.

It’s great that Niantic is finally trying their hand at making an autocatcher of their own, but is it too little, too late? I’m going to try and help you make that informed decision.

First Impressions

Right out of the box, you get the device (obviously), along with a charging cord and a small lanyard strap to attach the PoGo Plus+ to your clothes or backpack.

There is also a magnetic clip that attaches to the strap. I think it was intended to attach the device to your clothes or a pillow for sleep tracking, but in my opinion, I found it to be a weak magnet that easily fell off at the slightest tug.

As of writing, the accessory retails for around $55 USD, but you might find the price can change by retailer. It costs more than the original PoGo Plus.

The battery life runs for about 1 week or so, depending on how often you use it. I would highly recommend that you charge it full before use.

I have to admit that the Pokémon Go Plus+ is a lot bigger than its predecessor! It certainly stands out a lot more when held in your hand, but then again, it is an autocatcher, so it would more likely be in your bag or pocket.

Connecting the Device to Pokemon Go

Connecting the device is pretty straightforward. Much like any Bluetooth device, you will need to ensure that your phone has Bluetooth enabled; that way, it will be able to find the device nearby.

To connect the the device to your game, you will simply have to load up Pokemon Go, and go to Settings>Connected Devices and Services>Accessory Devices. There will be some on-screen instructions to help you connect your device.

I’ve shared a video by Poké Daxi (starts at 2:05) that will also show you in detail how to connect the device to the game. He’s really informative, and I highly recommend checking out his video for more detail.

Catching Pokemon with the Device

Once you have your device paired with the game, you should be good to go. In order to get the most out of this device, you have to go into the settings to activate the features you wish to have. There are a lot of different settings that you can tinker with.

Much like the original Pokemon Go Plus, when your device is paired up with your phone, it will flash whenever a Pokemon is nearby, and depending on your settings, it will allow you to do one of two things:

  • You can press the button on the device to attempt to catch using the type of PokeBall you selected
  • You can wait for the Auto-Catch feature to automatically catch the Pokemon

The device will flash and buzz with a color pattern to indicate success for failure.

Pokemon Sleep

As I mentioned earlier, this device is also used for the latest app made by Niantic, Pokemon Sleep. Just before you are about to head to bed, you place the device on your pillow or your mattress. Then, you press and hold the PoGo Plus’s button until you start to hear Pikachu sing you a cute little lullaby.

Assuming you get a good night’s sleep, you wake up and press and hold the button again until it starts flashing lights, which indicates that your sleep is tracked.

The Good

You can finally use Ultra Balls! As many of my fellow Pokemon Go fans have stated, not being able to use our hard-earned Ultra Balls has been a big letdown for the original incarnation of the Pokemon Go Plus. There’s nothing worse than autocatching a bunch of ‘mons, and later finding out that a high level Pokemon ran away due to using a weaker Poke Ball. At least with the option of Ultra Balls, you have better odds!

One feature that I really like is “Enable Quick-Reconnect Mode“, found in the settings. Basically, if you GO Plus+ somehow disconnects over time, this feature lets you reconnect the device in-game without having to press the button on te device to pair it up again. This is a feature that never existed in the original version of the PoGo Plus, and its great that Niantic is finally taking it a step further.

Cross-game rewards are decent. If you use Pokemon Sleep, there are special rewards you can get by linking the accessory to both games. Every time you log your sleep, you will recieve some rewards for how well you slept.

Another great thing is the fact that it has a USB-C charging port for charging; it also charges up fairly fast. Many other devices out there still use coin batteries, which can be tedious to replace when their time is up.

The Bad

The Auto-Throw feature only uses Poke Balls, meaning you still have to manually press the button in order to catch Pokemon with better balls.

This in turn leads to my next issue, it doesn’t provide the best odds for catching Pokemon. If you want to have any chance of nabbing a high level Pokemon, you still have to go onto your phone, select the Pokemon of your choice, give it a berry, and make a well timed curveball throw to get a great or excellent throw.

I’d also like to note that the vibration and brightness on this device is a little bit crazy. For a device that makes playing Pokemon Go a little more hands-off, it is not subtle! The LED light pretty much blinds you if you use it for Pokemon Sleep.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this device is a great buy for those who haven’t yet joined the bandwagon of autocatchers. If you missed out on the original, then the Pokemon Go Plus+ has far superior features that really make it the better choice comparison. That being said, if you already own another autocatcher, I can’t really recommend it for the simple reason being that the few additional features it offers only apply if your current device doesn’t already have them.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that this device, at it’s very core does one thing; it makes it easier to play Pokemon Go without staring at your phone. It lets you catch ‘mons and collect items while you walk and drive, so it gives you a good advantage over others who would otherwise be occupied with the game.

Thanks for reading!

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