Welcome to Videogame Guy!

Hi guys, and welcome to Videogame Guy, your stop for all things on gaming! I built this site so that I can share my thoughts and reviews on some of the awesome games I’ve come to love over the years, and to help you find some of those hidden gems.

My name is Ken, and I’m just another gamer on the internet. That’s the short story about me. But that’s usually just me in a nutshell; straight to the point. If you want to know more about me, just keep on reading, or check out my separate page!

I’ve been gaming since the good old days of the NES, and have watched as the gaming industry grew from its humble beginnings into the massive multi-billion dollar powerhouse that it is today. That being said, I’ve got a vast amount of exposure to various games over the ages. Just as I have grown up with games, so too have the games we play today.

How it all Started

It mostly began with a dream to build my own website on videogames; who wouldn’t want their own site? It also started when I started getting slapped in the face with ads every time I visited videogame websites! This kind of experience is not what I would wish on anyone trying to read a post or an article. Remember when you could go to a site years ago and actually read content?

I sure do!

And so, I’ve decided to make my own content to help others out. From fun things to do in games to full blown game guides, I plan on having much more on this site. Of course, that means a ton of games to play through. There are dozens of awesome, underrated games out there, both old and new, and some that have yet to meet the spotlight, and this is where the Videogame Guy comes in!

I have learned a lot over the years, and I intend on posting my personal reviews and thoughts of the many games I’ve played; retro, modern, etc. In addition to games, I may post some reviews on some of the cool gaming gear I’ve tried out during my gaming crusade.

Feel free to check back on the site every so often, as I will be updating it with content as often as I can. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

Have fun, and happy gaming!


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