Console vs PC Gaming, Which is Better?

It’s really tough to choose a gaming platform these days. On one hand, you have consoles, which are very easy to pick up and play, and they get exclusive games. On the other hand, PCs provide for high performance gaming, and cost significantly less in the long term.

So why do we have neverending Console Wars? Can’t we all just get along? Why do people feel the urge to rip on a fellow gamer just because they don’t play on the same system as you do? Go on to any gaming site, and you’ll no doubt find a heated argument somewhere involving the best platform.

For this post, I’m going to try and make sense of the whole Console vs PC Gaming war that has been ongoing for such a long time.

Why do People like PC?

For starters, PC gaming has evolved from its humble beginnings as an educational tool. Back in the old days, you’d usually see a text-based adventure game, which were very clunky to use when compared with the NES. But now, computers have grown to be far more user friendly, and can now play many of the games out there.

And there are a lot of games on PC. Thousands of them all found on Steam. They come in all shapes and sizes, which makes it very easy to find a game that you will like. There are also plenty of free games out there too.

While PC gaming has its roots in playing on a mouse and keyboard, many modern games are now making good use of controller input to compare with console gaming. Trust me, playing GTA V on a controller is a whole lot more fun!

The Pros of PC Gaming

Some folks really like PC gaming for its cheap costs….

Now, I know what you are thinking; why, then, do these people have $2000 gaming rigs that light up when running and boast 4K monitors and HD Textures?

They do. But there are some things that people don’t alway take into consideration. Long term investment. Personal computers can be upgraded as time goes on. And this allows a PC to remain relevant even in the face of newer generations of games.

I’ll be honest, back when I was getting ready for Skyrim, I shelled out $1500 for a gaming PC. At the time, it was a massive upgrade, and it was a purchase I was willing to make for the sake of having a long term investment. I still use this PC to this day, more than 5 years later, and it can still run the new games of today.

Upgrades cannot be as easily applied to consoles, unfortunately. The average gamer does not have the technical experience to take apart their Xbox and install a new graphics card. The only way a console gamer will enjoy better performance is when the console manufacturer releases a new version of the console.

Here’s another thing that makes PC gaming far more desirable: Game mods. Anyone who has played a Bethesda Game can attest to the modability of many PC games. Player made content can drastically extend the life of many awesome games out there, and can keep you occupied for many hours.

Why do People prefer Consoles?

The main reason goes back to the point I made about the history of PC games way back. Most games on the PC were focused on education. Not the case for consoles, which went in a completely different direction when it came to entertainment.

Many gamers got their feet wet first playing console games. Remember playing on the Game Boy? The Sega Genesis? Nintendo 64? I certainly do! I first got my taste of gaming on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Those childhood memories of sitting in front of the TV and playing Super Mario Bros. really takes you back.

The nostalgia is real, folks. Many of the most popular game franchises out there has their roots in console gaming. Just take one good look at Nintendo for the perfect proof. Now, that is not to say that they are the only ones. Sony and Microsoft have their own mascots and franchises that keep a loyal fanbase.

Pros of Console Gaming

When I come home after a long day of work, and I want to unwind, you know what I don’t want to do? Wait 5-10 minutes for my PC to boot up and load Steam. I press a button on my Nintendo Switch, and I’m playing Zelda before the PC even shows the Windows startup logo. Console gaming is very easy to pick up and play, because consoles were designed to do just that; play games.

Console games are also very compatible for this reason. Any game that was released for a console will pretty much play flawlessly on a console. When games are developed for consoles, they have to meet specific requirements for the console’s hardware. This requirement is harder to accomplish on PC, due to the many kinds of hardware involved.

Here’s an easy reason for why I would consider consoles over PCs: exclusive games! This pretty much goes hand in hand with the cash cow franchises found on every platform. From Mario Kart to Halo and God of War, these are the games that many console developers but their heart and soul into making the very best. I most cases, these are the games that sell the consoles.

The Verdict

So, which way is better? Neither! At the end of the day, it is still all about your personal preference.

The best thing about games is the sheer amount of fun to be had playing them. Enjoy playing on a couch? Go ahead and enjoy your consoles. Prefer to play at a desk? Dive into your favorite PC game.

The PC/Console war will continue to drag on forever, but the best thing you can do is to ignore the haters, don’t fuel the flames, and play your way. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Thanks for reading!

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