Game Reviews

There are tons and tons of other game reviews out there on the internet, each of them written by critics offering their professional feedback.

So, what makes my reviews any different?

For starters, I’m not a critic… at least, not in the professional sense. I’m just another guy on the internet who enjoys playing video games. I play video games because they are fun.

If I really enjoyed a game, I like to write about my experience and share it.

How I do my Reviews

When it comes to reviewing a game, I judge it based on the same principle that I’ve always held dear: a game has to be fun. If a video game has not provided me with any sense of entertainment, then it has failed me as a game, in my opinion.

I’m a numbers guy, so I always like to see some kind of numerical score tied to something.

When you read my reviews, always remember that it is soley based on my own subjective opinions. Just because I like something doesn’t mean that you should agree, and the reverse holds true.